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The iconic strength of American manufacturing is built on ingenuity and innovation. In order to lead in today’s quickly evolving global economy, manufacturers are investing in advanced capabilities and technologies. The most critical investment, however, is training and attracting a new generation of skilled manufacturers. Students with interest and aptitude for a wide range of STEM-based skills will have countless opportunities to become next-generation manufacturing builders, innovators, and leaders right here in Connecticut!

​Connecticut. Dream It Do It. (CTDIDI)

CTDIDI is an initiative led by the Connecticut Center for Advanced Technology, Inc. (CCAT) to help develop the future manufacturing workforce pipeline. Originating from the Dream It. Do It. national campaign created by The Manufacturing Institute, CTDIDI builds awareness and opportunities for students interested in pursuing an education and career in manufacturing. Through programs, events, job fairs, and educational resources, students with industry-endorsed skills and credentials will lead Connecticut’s robust manufacturing industries into the future.

Explore CTDIDI Opportunities

CTDIDI offers students, parents, and educators many ways to get involved and get inspired by 21st-century manufacturing and the countless high paying jobs and career opportunities waiting for high school and college graduates. As ambassadors, CT manufacturers are offered the opportunity to introduce their operations and attract the best and the brightest future employees.

Connecticut ManuFACTuring

CTDIDI In the National Spotlight

CTDIDI has been recognized by The Manufacturing Institute as a national model, with both its “Young Manufacturers Academy” and “Making It Real: Girls & Manufacturing” programs named as best practices for replication throughout the network and endorsed by the National Association of Manufacturers.

“A smart, safe, and sustainable manufacturing sector relies on the knowledge, advanced skills, and innovation of its workforce. We need to attract students to long-term careers in manufacturing and prepare them to meet future marketplace demands. An education system that provides industry-sponsored credentials is a critical part of creating the workforce we need to be successful.”

– Blake Moret, Vice President, Rockwell Automation