CT MFG Day Video Submission

Record a 2-3 minute video showcasing your company and highlighting modern manufacturing in Connecticut. Submit your video and we will add it to the Virtual CT MFG Fair to be shared with students, families, educators, and community partners across the state.

What should we include in our video?

Your video should aim to get students, families, teachers, and the community excited about Connecticut manufacturing and the variety of career opportunities it offers! Some suggestions include: touring your facility, profiling your staff, and/or showcasing your processes/technologies.

Visit our Virtual CT MFG Fair for ideas and examples!

When is the video due?

We welcome video submissions throughout the year, however, if your company wishes to be included in promotions in celebration of Manufacturing Month, please submit your video before October 1st. Please reach out to us at education@ccat.us if you have any questions.

  • This description will be included on our website along with your video.
  • Please provide a link to download your video file (Google Drive, Dropbox, Filemail, etc.). For example, Filemail's "Send As Link" option (https://www.filemail.com/) provides an easy way to generate a shareable link for your video file. If you have any questions, please contact us at education@ccat.us.

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