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Explore the Spark 101 STEM videos and see if you can find solutions to the engineering and manufacturing problems presented in each video. Free login required.

Spark 101 Career Snapshots
Free 1-minute career introduction videos available in English and Spanish!

Evaluating Manufacturing Materials Using Engineering Design
How can automotive manufacturers use new and emerging technologies to improve production and decrease costs of manufacturing?

Collaborating with Automation to Improve Safety and Precision
How do production engineers utilize automation to increase safety and precision on the production line at a manufacturing plant?

Communication Upgrades on a Bustling Production Line
How does a small team of technicians upgrade the communication system for a fast-paced assembly line without interrupting the production process?

Assessing Robotic Precision on the Press Line
What happens when the machinery designed to stamp sheet metal into usable car parts along a bustling production line does not move quickly enough?


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Spark 101

Spark 101, a program of the 114th Partnership, engages students in authentic problem solving and features real “on-the-job” professional challenges. Students learn how real challenges are addressed in business, government, nonprofits, and academic institutions. The videos meet national and state education standards and use a format proven to be effective in schools.

Spark 101 videos and lesson plans are free to access. The 10-minute STEM skills videos engage students in authentic STEM problem-solving. The videos are created by employers to show students what it is like to work in STEM fields. Each video follows a three-segment format, which includes pause points for interactive student engagement. The STEM skills videos include professionals from organizations such as NASA, Toyota, Caterpillar, PepsiCo and Clark Construction. The Career Snapshots are short 90-second videos that profile a broad career field and a range of on-the-job examples from multiple employers in that field.

Spark 101 Accolades:

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