What’s So Cool About Manufacturing? Video Activities


Learn more about local Connecticut manufacturing from the 2019 winners of the “What’s So Cool About Manufacturing?” Video Competition. Each video has 5-6 embedded interactive questions.

Watertown High School & Fascia’s Chocolates

Woodland Regional High School & PTA Plastics

Waterbury Career Academy & H&T Waterbury


Ready to learn more about Connecticut Manufacturing?

Watch more 2019 Video Submissions and follow along with our downloadable activity worksheet! Disponible en Español.

Recommended grade level: 7-12

Estimated time: 45 minutes


Educators: If you would like to request a copy of the WSCAM Activity Answer Key, please contact us at education@ccat.us.


Name three things that you think are cool about manufacturing.

Some people are surprised to learn that making chocolate is manufacturing too! What is another surprising product that you hadn’t considered as being manufactured?

How does manufacturing impact our lives?

A photo of hybrid machining.


Feeling inspired? Visit a local manufacturing company by participating in our next upcoming “What’s So Cool About Manufacturing?” Video Competition or contact us to set up a tour!